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QDF 5.0 – QuaranTune Virtual Dulcimer Festival, Oct. 7-10, 2021

Heidi will teach 6 classes on Friday-Saturday, Oct. 8-9 at this wonderful worldwide mountain and hammered dulcimer festival! Please visit to see the list of instructors, workshops, schedule, and registration information. Cost is only $10 per class, limited to 30 students. With 70 instructors, there will also be concerts on four days for one ticket price. This is the largest online dulcimer event in the world!

Heidi Muller & Bob Webb with Gail Finnie, Sat., Sept. 11, 2021

Heidi’s college roommate and singing partner from back in the ’70’s is coming to visit. Gail Finnie is a well known folksinger and songwriter from the Boston area who plays guitar, uke, mountain dulcimer. They’re putting together a small concert in Wallowa County, by invitation only. For more information, please email Heidi from the home page.

QuaranTune 4.0 Virtual Dulcimer Festival, June 4-5, 2021

Heidi will be returning to teach 8 classes at this wonderful worldwide mountain and hammered dulcimer festival on Zoom! Register at for only $10/class, but do it soon because class sizes are limited to 30 people. With over 65 instructors, there will also be concerts on four days for one ticket price. This is the largest online dulcimer event in the world!

Please visit to see the list of instructors, workshops, and schedule.

Virtual Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering, May 13-15, 2021

Heidi is so pleased to be returning to the Berkeley Dulcimer Gathering (this time by Zoom) to teach mountain dulcimer classes on Saturday, May 14, and give a special two-hour songwriting class on Sunday, May 15. There will also be instructor concerts! See the poster below for website info to register. Here’s her schedule:

Saturday, 9:30 – 10:30 am PDT Songs of Legendary Folksinger Bill Staines (Intermediate) Saturday, 10:45-11:45 am PDT Toe-Tapping Tunes (Beginner) Saturday, 1:00 – 2:00 pm PDT West Virginia Fiddle Tunes (Advanced) Saturday, 2:15 – 3:15 pm PDT Fingerpicking with Flow (Upper Intermediate)

Sunday, 2:00 – 4:00 pm PDT Write Your Stories into Song – Songwriting Workshop

QuaranTune 3.0 Virtual Dulcimer Festival – Workshops & Concert, Feb. 4-7, 2021

The largest virtual dulcimer festival is back again! After two successful online events with hundreds of students in attendance, QuaranTune 3.0 will have over 60 instructors offering hour-long classes in mountain and hammered dulcimer. Heidi is honored to be invited to be one of them. She will teach 8 classes over the two days.

Concerts are scheduled for Thursday through Sunday. Heidi and Bob will perform a ten-minute set on Thursday, Feb. 4 at about 6:00 pm Pacific time. Tickets are $25 to include all four concerts, and are available at

QuaranTune Christmas Concert Sunday, Dec. 20, Heidi & Bob are on at 11:24 AM PST

Heidi & Bob will perform a short set among many other mountain and hammered dulcimer players for the QuaranTune Christmas Concert. It happens for three days, three hours per day, from December 20-23, 2020. For the performance schedule, visit:

An all-access pass for all concerts is just $25! For tickets, please go to .

Wallowa Valley Music Alliance Holiday Concert, December 20, 2020

Heidi and Bob will be performing by video, along with many other regional musicians. This is our annual concert co-sponsored by the Music Alliance and the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture. We can’t meet in person this year, so we’re doing it online!

Stay tuned for time, posting details, and the list of musicians. Also visit for more info.

3RFS Homebound Holiday Concert, Sat., Dec. 5 at 6:00 pm

Heidi and Bob will join Magical Strings, Watch the Sky, and Curtis and Loretta for an evening of “virtual” holiday music sponsored by the Three Rivers Folklife Society located in Kennewick, WA. We’ve each made our videos and they’ll be iintroduced by emcee Micki Perry, so you can listen to a variety of styles from original to Celtic, including harp, hammered dulcimer, guitar, mountain dulcimer, and more.

Watch the concert here: anytime till January 6. It will also be posted on the Facebook page of the 3 Rivers Folklife Society and Tumbleweed Music Festival.

It’s free, but please contribute to each duo through their donation link. Heidi & Bob’s link is: Thanks and enjoy!

NGFDA Fall Dulcimer Fest – Registration Opens Sept. 3, 2020

The North Georgia Foothills Dulcimer Association presents their Virtual 32nd Annual Fall Festival November from Thursday to Saturday, November 19-21, 2020! There will be 29 instructors and 247 workshops – at only $11 per workshop! Evening Concerts are $10 each or all three evenings for $25. I’m honored and pleased to be participating. I’ll be teaching ten workshops! There’s room for 30 people in each. I hope to see you there!

REGISTRATION OPENS SEPTEMBER 3 – Go to and scroll down for info

Here’s my workshop schedule. Levels and session times are described at

  • Thursday, Nov. 19, Session 2 – 4-Equidistant String Fingerpicking, Level 4
  • Thursday, Nov. 19, Session 4 – Fingerpicked Duos, Level 4
  • Thursday, Nov. 19, Session 6 – West Virginia Fiddle Tunes, Level 5
  • Thursday, Nov. 19, Session 8 – Intro to Fingerpicking, Level 2
  • Friday, Nov. 20, Session 4 – Keep It Steady! Level 1
  • Friday, Nov. 20, Session 6 – Songs of Bill Staines, Level 3
  • Friday, Nov. 20, Session 8 – Toe-Tapping Tunes, Level 2
  • Saturday, Nov. 21, Session 3 – Uncommon Holiday Songs, Level 3
  • Saturday, Nov. 21, Session 5 – West Virginia Fiddle Tunes, Level 3
  • Saturday, Nov. 21, Session 7 – Flatpicking Fun, Level 3